Di Todd-Banks is a Life Change Coach, Author, Company Director, and TV/Radio Host.

Helping you to renew, reinvent, and reclaim your life!

Today, as an accredited Life Coach, Di is utilizing her vast wealth of life experiences in a quest to help others achieve their goals and to move from where they are now to where they want to be.

Throughout her career, Di has appeared on television and radio both in Australia and the United States. For twenty years she lived, worked and owned businesses in the US.

For years, Di Todd-Banks has received extensive media coverage during her involvement with music, wine, food, Chronic Fatigue, and Excalibur Cars. As well, you’ll notice there are numerous articles about the ground breaking book Di wrote which was a world first on the subject.

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These are just a handful of countless media articles and attention Di has received.

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She was a US wine and food importer, and an international marketing consultant for Australian businesses seeking new niche opportunities in the US.

During those years, the Australian Business Review Weekly featured a 3 page article about ‘Australia’s Secret Weapon in the United States,’ that was Di. As well, she was a founding Director of a prestigious international chamber of commerce in Los Angeles, then became their Executive Director.

But life was not always a success story for Di and she faced many personal obstacles despite her achievements. Shortly after first moving to the US, Di found herself struggling to live on a mere $1 a day which compounded surviving on the rough south side of Chicago.

Rising above the challenges life presented Di, she decided to focus on gaining a Bachelor of Music, majoring in classic guitar. At the same time, she learned the wonderful and immensely difficult Indian instrument, the Sitar.

Back in Australia, Di became an accredited Event Organiser, an accredited Public Relations Practitioner and taught PR to small business owners at a well-known Australian education college.

Continuing her love of healthy foods, Di became a feature columnist in several daily newspapers and regularly reviewed books from many different major publishers. At all times she focused on the healthy aspects of food and lifestyle.

But then Di met a major health setback. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome stepped in and her life stopped for 3 years. For some of that time she couldn’t walk or speak.

Though life regained its momentum, Di faced the death of a family member. Borne out of sad personal experiences, 9 years of her life were consumed researching then writing the significant book ‘Wrapping It Up – The Ultimate Guide,’ a world first, on a groundbreaking subject – how to pack up a loved one’s home, and other end of life matters. Since then she’s written another practical guidebook, ‘Estate Organizer – The Ultimate Guide.”

Every home needs a copy of Wrapping It Up and the Estate Organizer

The book set deals with the practical questions you need to address for your own affairs, as well as those you will be faced with after someone close has died. This includes:

  • What to do after a person has died and been moved from their home.
  • What needs to be achieved within the first 2 or 3 days?
  • What must be done before starting to wrap up?
  • Tips for and from Men
  • Grief, Stress & Nutrition needs during this difficult and emotional time.
  • Are there safety issues that must be heeded?
  • How to prevent grief and stress affecting ones thinking & decision-making?
  • What is the best way to sort, pack and distribute items?
  • How can difficult relatives best be handled?
  • How to handle unexpected surprises?
  • Pets are family too – what must you do for their future care and safety?
  • Computers, pin numbers and passwords – addresses issues that could prevent costly surprises.
  • What are the most common pitfalls or mistakes people make wrapping up?
  • What you can do for your own affairs

Don’t Wait to Realize Your Dream!

Before passing on, Diana’s favourite aunt gave her some profound wisdom: “If there’s anything you really want to do in life, then do it now, don’t wait until you think the time is right.” Diana knew exactly what she meant! With the revival of her 35-year old dream of owning an Excalibur, Diana bought and imported her very own shiny white Excalibur motorcar.

Today, Di adopts a holistic approach to her life and lives on the glorious Gold Coast, Queensland with her beautiful red toy poodle, Topaz.