A Simple Insurance for Your Future Wellbeing

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Given the significant rise in health education and the usage and popularity of nutritional, therapeutic and holistic products and services it is clear that people are far more interested in their health and wellbeing than they were decades ago. As … Continued

Don’t Forget Me I’m Family Too – Your Precious Pet

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Buy Now for $8.80 AUD Add to Cart Many people are extremely passionate about not only their pets, but other pets too, which is why it’s hard to imagine how and why some people simply do not like pets at … Continued

Do You Like Wine, But it Doesn’t Like You?

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Over the years people have asked me to write about what I have done to overcome various health issues and reactions, in particular what I did and did not do to ultimately recover from chronic fatigue syndrome a disease, which … Continued

Can’t Go? Bunged Up? Pipes Clogged?

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Constipation is not a subject often spoken about in polite company, but I’ve found it simply amazing that when one person brings the subject up, the discussion can go on forever … and ever! Talking about constipation can involve ways … Continued

Di Meets Simon T Bailey & Visits the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Another Brilliant Day in Hollywood … all I can say is WOW! With the warm brilliant sunshine glowing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame what an inspiring way to begin a day. Seeing many of the past and present famous … Continued

Di Attends Hollywood Celebrity Branding Day

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Today at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood is Celebrity Branding Day Often authors have a difficult time marketing and branding themselves because they’ve directed so much of their energy into book writing and writing for a particular audience- this is … Continued

Di at The National Academy of Best Selling Authors Summit

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The National Academy of Best Selling Author’s Best Sellers Summit was an exciting captivating experience for all 149 best selling authors who were in LA to receive an Award The Quilly Award. I am thrilled to say I received two. … Continued

Diana Todd-Banks Goes to Hollywood!

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I originally wrote this on 9/26 and just now got the chance to share it with you! Right now I am here in Hollywood for the National Academy of Best Selling Authors and Gala Award Ceremony. It is a three … Continued

Eat for Health – A Valuable Gift from Dr. Fuhrman

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A Warm Hello from Down Under! Thank you so much for connecting with me, following my updates, and especially watching the latest episodes of my show. I hope you’re gaining insight and useful information from it all. If you’ve been … Continued

How to Find the Right Life Coach for You

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Are you planning to make changes in your life, aim for new goals, and begin the New Year with a bang? Is this year finally going to be the year in which you make the self changes you’ve thought about … Continued

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